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How to Repair An Electric Clothes Dryer

The most common problem exhibited by an electric clothes dryer is that it runs, but doesn't dry the clothing. Not drying the clothing is due to an absence of heat, which, in turn, is normally due to a failed heating element. This procedure will show you how to change the heating element.

How to Fix a GE Electric Dryer

GE electric stand-alone dryers tend to have the same problems as many other brands: bad belts, heating problems and various noises. All of these problems require a similar approach for diagnosis and repair. Most GE dryer parts are commonly stocked items that can be found at any appliance store, so you don't have to worry about a long wait on parts.

How to Fix an Electric Dryer That Heats Outside but Not Inside ...

Dryer Maintenance should keep your machine working better, use less energy, and keep your home safe from a "dryer fire".

How to Fix Electric Drip Coffee Maker

An electric drip coffee maker is one of the most popular ways to brew coffee in the United States. Almost every home has one and uses it on a daily basis. Just like any small appliance, an electric drip coffee maker can break and need repair. Most of the issues that arise can be assessed by the owner and fixed with basic knowledge. Before spending money on a new coffee maker or paying someone to fix it, take time and see if you can fix it on your own.

How to Fix a Stuck Electric Window on a Car

Automotive electric windows use a switched motor to operate an internal window regulator, raising or lowering the glass. Many issues can prevent the window from operating, leaving it in a stuck position. The average backyard mechanic can fix a stuck electric window in about 45 minutes.

How to Fix an Electric Coffee Maker

Attempting to fix your electric coffee maker should be your first response when your coffee maker stops working. Some people are tempted to throw it away so as not to be bothered with the effort of fixing it, but that leads to increased waste in landfills and the waste of money. Many issues that arise within an electric coffee maker are easy to asses and fix and don't require special tools or skills. Save yourself time and money by following these simple steps to fix your electric coffee maker.

How to Fix an Electric Juicer

Electric juicers shred vegetables and fruits apart and separate the juice from the pulp. Juicers work by using a centrifugal force created by a permanent-magnet DC motor and a perforated filter basket to extract the juice. If your unit is not fully assembled properly, it won't work at all because of an internal interlock switch. A main reason a juicer stops working is because of broken parts or jams. Read on to learn how to fix an electric juicer.

How to Fix an Electric Frying Pan

Electric frying pans work by using a detachable heat control. This electrical unit controls the temperature of your frying pan by being in direct contact with the pan itself. The main problem with the heat control on electric frying pans is that food often spills onto and into the heat control and can cause problems. Here is how to fix your electric frying pan.

How to Fix Electric Hair Clippers

Electric hair clippers are used for cutting and trimming hair and are popular for home use. Clippers may be either corded or rechargeable and feature interchangeable plastic guards for cutting hair at various lengths. Electric clippers typically feature a row of cutting teeth which slide from side to side in a rapid motion against a set row of cutting teeth. There may be times when problems arise with clippers which may be resolved by some basic trouble shooting procedures.

How to Repair Fix Replace Electrical Light Switch Easy and Cheap

Hi! Give your electrician the day off and do some basic electrical work at your home yourself. Replacing switches is not very hard to do, the most important part is following the first three critical safety steps. Power in the house is very deadly so you want to be safe. The rest is easy. Please read on to learn how to Repair Fix Replace Electrical Light Switch Easy and Cheap

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